"Natuye - Institute for the Environment " derived from "natuye komesho" ("let's move ahead") in the Namibian vernacular Oshiwambo is a non-profit entity, whose goal is to make significant contributions to sustainable environmental and natural resource management in Africa, by encouraging the work of all towards a bright future. Natuye is a working partner of government and non-governmental institutions throughout the region and is particularly dedicated to the training of environment and development practitioners and support of their capacity building.

Natuye is still in its early founding stage and currently comprises two principal portfolios. One concentrates on specialized capacity building and training activities and the other is embedding the implementation of a facetted program portfolio. As Natuye - Institute for the Environment is a relatively young operation its portfolio is continuously evolving.

In its technical approaches Natuye is addressing current challenges to the region, including in Namibia, on land use planning in support of land reform, integrated land and water resource management, especially the linkages of agricultural and environmental concerns, and seeking practical and sustainable solutions to conservation and land-use interests. Natuye supports action projects that realize best-practice approaches and are driven by personal enthusiasm and a sense of "joining hands to get ahead". Special skills, knowledge and experience revolve around the negotiation and implementation of multi-lateral environmental agreements, which are considered a useful framework for achieving the aims of Natuye.

Natuye was created to allow for larger-scale initiatives contributing to lasting social change and environmentally sound development throughout Africa. Integrated Environmental Consultants Namibia (IECN) (www.iecn-namibia.com) is supporting the inception of Natuye - Institute of the Environment.


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